Documentary Photography

In Nepali culture a widow is looked upon with great animosity, often being branded a witch or a whore. Their society believes it is their immoral actions in a previous life that form the defining reason behind the death of their husband. They have therefore been ostracised for generations, losing their status in both the home and society.

Two thousand miles of common border separates the USA from Mexico, running between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, traversing four US and six Mexican states. More than just a boundary, the line represents a division between first and third world, slicing the landscape abruptly in towns and cities, and anonymously and silently in the vast empty deserts.

Whilst documenting the landscape of the USA Mexico border for some years (see La Linea) it became a frequent occurance to come into contact with migrants on their journey north of the border. For many this journey ends with apprehension by the US authorities and deportation back to Mexico. Often exhausted, without money or possessions, these migrants are processed and transported to an official crossing and escorted to the other side. A few are offered modest help in the form of clothing and food by humanitarian charities. These images were made from 2008 to the present day at the Mariposa crossing in Nogales, Mexico.

100m below the surface, fundamental particles race around at a whisker under the speed of light. Colliding together to discover a deeper understanding of what the universe is made from.

A sea of plastic greenhouses, visible by the naked eye from space. Occupying the arid lands of Almeria. Covering over 100,000 acres for the production of much of Europe's fruit and vegetables. North African migrants toil in temperatures in excess of 50 degrees.

You can never travel far in Jordan (or anywhere in the Middle East for that matter) without seeing the iconography of the of the Leader.In this case three Kings – past, present and future.